Ken Ryan

Nurture and discover your inner spirit, exploring the subtle arts of yoga, thai chi, deep relaxation and meditation with the Yoga ‘Mister’ Ken Ryan.

Ken Ryan is from the wild west of Ireland. He has spent much time in India with extended periods of study and practice at remedial, spiritual and scientific schools of Yoga. His style has been described as strong, energetic, deeply grounding and non-conventional.

Ken’s major disciplines are in traditional and western yoga practise, thai chi, meditation, lymphatic breathing and many other spiritual art forms that he has mastered out in India.

Beyond Yoga –  Practice Philosophy

Given Ken’s frequent training trips to India and further East, the style of Yoga he teaches has evolved in its expression since his first qualifying as a Sivananda Yoga teacher. However energetic, deep or strong one practices a posture, a sense of ease is emphasised.

“Find the Crucial point of each Stretch”, Ken readily suggests to his students; this being that point of greatest Openness where the body has not yet reached any severe sense of pain or strain.

“Sure”, he says “isn’t there enough struggle in life, without afflicting ourselves with it in our personal Space and Time. Taken a step deeper: Realize that what you create on your Yoga mat can and will be amplified in your life Beyond the mat. Your Yoga personal practice then becomes means of Self Discovery and Creation.”

The Ultimate goal is to simply and effortlessly discover your natural state of Being.

Within this there is perfect Ease. . .

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